Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've had a revelation.
I found out there were lies.
Now I wonder why I listened
to the poison that spewed from your mouth.

Poison is meant for only one thing...
to hurt,
or kill.

I was dead. Inside.

And I didn't know it.

I've been away...

It's been months...
seems like years.
So much has happened,
So many tears.

We lost my mama
In the flood
of tears from our eyes--
Tears of blood.

Locked in a room
I waited for you
To rescue me
From this fate, this doom.

You didn't come
And I realized
I lay alone,
I opened my eyes.

I went to you.
You held me close.
"Don't let me go,"
I whisper most.

Now you hold me
Through the night
And you wake me
With morning light.